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V484, JC Chambers Panampilly Nagar Kochi- Kerala INDIA - 682036
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Surface Coating Solutions

We offers advanced surface coating solutions sourced from top-brand powders like Höganäs, Praxair, Metco, wallcolmonoy etc. We serve diverse markets including automotive, aerospace, energy, oil and gas, and mining. Also with our own coating facility and extensive stock of powders, we deliver coatings that enhance performance and durability. From thermal to plasma coatings, we provide fast, efficient solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

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How does Brizonz ensure the quality and reliability of its surface coatings products?
We partners with industry-leading powder manufacturers to ensure the quality and reliability of our surface coatings.
What advantages do thermal and plasma coatings offer compared to traditional methods, and how does Brizonz leverage these techniques?
Thermal and plasma coatings offer superior adhesion, wear resistance, and corrosion protection compared to traditional methods. Brizonz leverages these techniques in our own coating facility to provide efficient solutions that meet the demanding requirements of industries like automotive, aerospace, energy. Mining and Oil & Gas.
How does Brizonz cater to the diverse needs of customers in various industries, and what sets us apart as a reseller and coating facility?
We caters to diverse industry needs by offering a wide range of surface coating solutions sourced from top-brand powders. As both a reseller and coating facility, we provide fast delivery and customized coatings tailored to our customers' specific requirements, setting us apart in terms of flexibility and expertise.
Can you provide examples of how Brizonz's surface coatings have improved performance and durability in various industries?
Our surface coatings have enhanced performance and durability across industries such as automotive, aerospace, and energy. From improving fuel efficiency in engines to enhancing corrosion resistance in turbine blades, our coatings deliver tangible benefits that improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs.
How does Brizonz ensure fast and efficient delivery of surface coating solutions to its customers, considering we also have our own coating facility?
We ensures fast and efficient delivery by maintaining an extensive stock of top-brand powders in our own coating facility. This allows us to quickly fulfill customer orders and provide customized coatings with minimal lead time, ensuring our customers' operations remain productive and efficient.
What sets Brizonz apart from other surface coating providers in terms of technology and expertise, considering we are a reseller and have our own coating facility?
We distinguishes itself through its access to top-brand powders, advanced coating techniques, and industry expertise. As both a reseller and coating facility, we offer a unique combination of product availability, technical knowledge, and customized solutions that meet the diverse needs of our customers.
How does Brizonz support its customers beyond surface coating solutions, such as technical assistance and ongoing support, given our dual role as a reseller and coating facility?
We provides comprehensive support to its customers beyond surface coating solutions. With our technical expertise and industry knowledge, we offer assistance with product selection, application guidance, and ongoing support to ensure our customers' success. Whether it's troubleshooting issues or providing maintenance advice, Brizonz is committed to delivering exceptional service and support throughout the customer journey.